Here’s what I’ve been working on

Here are a selection of acrylic paintings for sale.


This large painting depicts the soul searching expression in the eye and the tears of emotion that are dispersing in the myriad of water, creating a transformation of beautiful blue Ulysses butterflies representing the release experienced through forgiveness. This painting really did paint itself. Although the elements were somewhat pre-planned, it came together intuitively each time I painted and on completion represented the power of forgiveness.

Boxed 400gsm High Quality Canvas ready to hang.

Height: 1,500mm                            Width: 920mm




Rhythm of the Soul

This piece was inspired by the images of the flamenco dance of old. It creates of mood of an evening full of music and colour. The dancer has a sultry expression deep in thought as she sways to the music flicking her hair from side to side to the beat. The focus of the soft light on her hair reminiscent of dancing in the moonlight on a hot summer night.

Original Acrylic painting by Denise Krajnc

Boxed 400gsm High Quality Canvas ready to hang.

Height: 1000mm                   Width:   760mm            

For Sale at Gallery

 'ART 16'

 34 Murradoc Rd, Drysdale, Vic

Soul Connection

This was quite a challenge embarking on a portrait of such large proportion. The reference photo was a model of younger years but I was looking for an older depiction to add more strength of character to this piece. I narrowed the face and lengthened and slimmed the nose. Her expression is one of so many emotions from strength, rebellion, even that of a survivor to peace, admiration and love. Everybody feels slightly different standing before her but one thing in common because of the sheer size of the piece is the penetrating eyes that follow you and command your attention. She is one of my all time favourites and with over 80 hours invested in her creation I hope she is one of yours.

Original Acrylic Painting by Denise Krajnc

Boxed 400gsm High Quality Canvas ready to hang.

 Height: 1230mm                 Width 1230mm


Nocturnal Visitor 

I have always loved owls. Lots of walking in the evening while living in the country, I witnessed numerous owls and their haunting cries from the treetops. The moonlight through the age old trees creates a magical backdrop for the image of the stealth silent hunter. I combined an owl image with a forest setting illuminating the subject to enhance the mood of the painting.

Original Acrylic Painting



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